The Macallan M 2019

The Macallan M 2019 release is the seventh whiskyThe Macallan M 2019 release is the seventh whiskymasterpiece in the remarkable M series of singlemalt whiskies

The M whisky is a testament to the custodians who have nurturedand guarded the casks and their precious contents for generations.This delightful 2019 release delivers delicate orange oil entwinedwith liquorice and dark chocolate notes. These have been masterfullybalanced with a hint of vanilla sweetness. The Macallan M’s spiritbrims with individuality, with subtle changes to the cask profile andbottling strength for each sequential limited edition release.Envisioned by Fabien Baron, the M decanter’s tall, slim dimensionsand iconic geometric form push the boundaries of traditional decanterdesign as the six facets pay homage to The Macallan’s heritage of theSix Pillars. Fashioned in the highest-grade crystal, each handcraftedLalique decanter unites tradition with striking originality.The M series is the pinnacle collection in The Macallan Decanter Series,which celebrates the mastery, creativity and character that defines thevery heart of The Macallan’s extraordinary single malt Scotch whisky.

The Macallan M 2019 01


Colour: Burnt Sienna.
ABV: 45.9%.
Nose: Polished oak with wisps of delicate orange oil entwined with liquorice and dark chocolate, all of these notes are well balanced with a hint of vanilla sweetness. As time moves on the fruits of this whisky open up showcasing a combination of fig, blackberry and orange with hints of ginger.
Palate: A delightful warming combination of orange and ginger moving into a combination of dried fruit and liquorice.
Finish: Medium finish with