No6 Single Minded

The Macallan No6 brings together the art of The MacallanThe Macallan No6 brings together the art of The MacallanMaster Whisky Maker with the exquisite craftsmanship ofLalique, resulting in a decanter of timeless elegance.

Exceptional Oak Casks

Exceptional Oak CasksThis exceptional single malt takes its unique natural colour and characterfrom first fill Spanish sherry seasoned oak casks handcrafted by the mastercoopers of Jerez de la Frontera, the home of sherry.

Natural ColourNatural Colour

No 6 is drawn from Spanish oak casks built by one cooperage in Jerez beforeseasoning for 18 months in the sherry bodegas with dry oloroso sherries.All of the whiskies were matured in first fill casks, maximising aromas andflavours. The beautiful design enhances the enticing, rich dark walnut colourof a classic Macallan character, a celebration of richness, spice and dried fruitwith a layer of heady orange groves.


Exclusively designed and crafted for The Macallan, this flawless Laliquecrystal decanter pays homage to the single malt’s heritage and its guidingprinciples through its use of facets representing the Six Pillars, incorporatingthe iconic triangular feature as a key element of its creation.

Mac No6 Decanter Sell Sheet 01

Tasting Notes

Colour:Spanish Sunset

Aroma:Spanish oak casks deliver wonderful rich notes, elegant and polished. Raisin,dates and figs dominate like a mountain of fruit; sultana and toffee applesadd texture and depth. The weight of flavour practically squeezes the juicefrom the raisins, dark and rich with great viscosity. Ginger and cinnamongently dance around the edges - the ginger slightly dry, the cinnamon soft.Dark chocolate is majestic, whilst vanilla sweetness lingers in the background

Palate:Heavy and sumptuous. Like a rich fruit cake with raisin, dates and figs,apples, sultanas, orange; then ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon and hints of clove.Oak notes are like velvet, soft and chic, silky smooth. Oak notes are likevelvet, soft, chic and silky smooth.

Finish:Silky smooth, this is a cake to savour with a long and full finish.