The Macallan M Black

The Macallan M Black is the third release of its kind inThe Macallan M Black is the third release of its kind inthe remarkable M series of single malt whiskies for which.

The Macallan partnered with renowned creative directorFabien Baron and crystal masters Lalique, to create one of theworld’s most beautifully designed and meticulously handcraftedcrystal decanters to encase an intriguing single malt.

An evolution of the iconic M Decanter, the step into lustrous black crystalfrom Lalique was taken to reflect the diverse history of The Macallan singlemalt. The Macallan M Black is the latest and most complex release in theM series with the Lalique decanter presenting a striking complement to asubtly smoky Macallan.

Reflecting a lifetime of whisky, M Black truly encapsulates The Macallan’sdeep history and represents absolute time distilled; captured in flawlessblack crystal. A single malt capturing time gone by, M Black is crafted froma very limited number of casks, telling the story of exceptional cask ageingand the commitment taken to nurture and mature The Macallan spirit.

The M Black whisky is a testament to the custodians who have nurturedand guarded the casks and their precious contents for generations. This thirdrelease of M Black delivers an initial combination of dried fruit and citruswhich slowly rolls into a powerfully rich peat and smoke contrast. This 2019release has a delightfully lengthy sweet, peaty finish.

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Colour: Raw Sienna.
ABV: 46.5%.
Nose: Rich vanilla cream sweetness with light wisps of smoke and an earthy dark chocolate sweetness. (Nose hides the power of the smoke that comes through on the palate.) Palate: Initially a rich combination of dried fruit and
citrus and slowly this rolls into a rich peat smoke. It is a wonderful contrast, it is almost as if the whisky comes in two parts allowing an insight to the flavour before being enveloped in sweet peat notes. The light elements of smoked
dried fruits and an almondy nuttiness makes it feel almost chewy.
Finish: Long sweet dried fruit with a lengthy sweet
peat flavour.