Match Perfect Legacy

At the very heart of all organizations lays the one common success factor - People. That is why CTC-ARI introduced ‘The ARI Way Shift Excellence’ program called ‘Match Perfect’ that all members of staff had the chance to experience in the month of March 2018.

This exciting and motivating program was developed to achieve two core goals:


To empower all of our colleagues to work better as one team within the key principles of ARI and to give Managers the tools to effectively and successfully operate, coach and develop. We took learnings from the philosophy of great sports teams in history and find ways to transfer their culture and the success to our daily business and personal life.

Our prime example during this program was New Zealand’s champion rugby team, The All Blacks. Undefeated in over 80% of their international matches over the last 100 years, their values-based culture is evidence that team culture is a key driver of success.

To get the real feel of what working as team feels like, at some point in the program all the training sessions had to became teams of their own; each facing a common challenge of completing a jigsaw puzzle as quickly as possible. This Champion Team (photo below) completed the Leadership jigsaw in 2:06 minutes, becoming the fastest team ever in any Global ARI location.

Team Winners

Throughout this training program we discovered a lot from ‘The All Black’s’ values, methods, processes and how each one of us is like a player in a team. In this case our Team is our Company and our game is Travel Retail. By developing our own personal Legacy and working towards a common purpose; to win, we ultimately create the moment in time that our very own Champion Team Legacy is born.