Delamain Vesper XO Cognac 70cl

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Growth: 100% Grande Champagne. Origin: Selection from local growers-distillers. Blend: Blend of various old Grande Champagne cognacs. Ageing: Each cognacs are aged separately longer than for the Pale & Dry, owing to their origin and then the blend itself, made at the end of the ageing period, is aged for two years more (marriage). Cask: Matured in well seasoned Limousin oak casks (350L). Cellar: Old cellars near the river, more humid than dry. Faibles: The blend at natural strength (around 50% vol.) is very slowly broken down at 40%with weak old Grande Champagne at 15% which enrich the blend. Style: Roundness, body, length, maturity and mellowness. Bouquet: Power of the perfumes, length of the fragrance. Suavity. Scents of underwood, dry vine shoots, vanilla (rancio). Savour: Fullness, maturity, extreme mellowness. Intense fruitiness. Colour: Amber hue with a bright glint of pure gold. Strength: 40% vol. Name: Vesper, from the sixth canonical hour celebrated each late-afternoon in song to reflect its richness and the worshipful sense it imparts.

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